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Surveillance Cameras

There are security cameras to suit all needs and budgets. We can recommend the best camera for your needs if you are considering a security camera installation. Any video surveillance is only as good as its installation. A professional will install surveillance cameras at the most vulnerable locations around your property, such as at the entrance and exit points. We can offer wireless security cameras to take advantage of new technology which makes a surveillance camera installation easier. Wireless systems are quicker to install and can be added to and moved around more easily also.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the method of recovering data files from corrupted, failed, damaged or inaccessible secondary storage devices whenever it can’t be conventionally accessed. Besides Windows PC and Macintosh personal computer systems, the recovery service is also intended for Server, SAN and NAS hard drives (IDE, EIDE, SATA, and SCSI) and SSDs (SCSI, SATA), RAID plus magnetic storage tapes and magnetic discs, USB flash, as well as other electronic devices. Recovery is usually required as a result of logical damage to the computer file application which stops it from getting accessed by its host operating system or physical damage to the storage component.

Remote Access Solutions

Remote access is starting to become increasingly more popular among businesses and it has gradually become a requirement for most. Remote access solutions are widely used by individuals to send or receive computer files while away from their home or office. This direct access is beneficial to individuals that operate from mobile or portable workstations to acquire instant access to documents or files that are stored on their computers both at home and the workplace. Remote access could be possible by utilizing Broadband, wireless connection or even dial-up access. PDAs, Laptop computers as well as Smartphones are often used to utilize remote access. Remote access solutions could be a software application or Internet-based.

Computer Training

Regardless of if you have recently purchased a brand new laptop or desktop computer and would like to learn the basics or simply advance your current skill level, PC On Wheels provides computer training services to help you to maximize your knowledge and understanding of the computer equipment and software applications that you are currently using or planning to employ. Computer training for beginners can offer you the ability to use computing devices as well as make full use of the Internet. The training format is aligned with your age group and skill level. This type of computer training will considerably advance businesses and everyday people.

Computer Repair & Upgrade

With rapid advances in technological innovation, even the cutting edge computer in the marketplace today will end up outdated or obsolete in the near future. The primary purpose of computer Repair & Upgrade services is an installation, maintenance, and upgrade of all of laptop or desktop related hardware for the end-users. This is often an ongoing task that ensures a system is up-to-date as well as operational. We will perform diagnostics to uncover every computer hardware issue and correct them in order to take care of lockups, crashes and other issues caused by computer hardware malfunctions. We will also conduct a computer hardware upgrade so that your computer or laptop satisfies your individual and/or business needs.

New Computer Setup

As part of the computer setup and installation services, we will set up the latest computer virus protection program on your computer system. Also, we are going to ensure that you will completely understand the simplest way to get the maximum benefits out of your computer virus protection software and also the best way to keep it up-to-date. For customers with the home network, PC on Wheels’ computer setup and installation service can offer effective network security to protect their computers from unwanted intruders and dangerous malware from compromising their personal valuable data. We can recommend various techniques which can include firewalls, anti-virus programs, along with powerful network permissions in order to avoid network security breaches. Also, our computer setup and installation professionals will train customers in good web surfing behavior so that they can do their part in keeping their computer data safe and secure. Our computer setup and installation technicians are well experienced in all the different strategies to shield your personal computer from the attacks. We will be able to select the right approach that is going to function in unison with your firewall, antivirus as well as any sort of file encryption methods you already have in place, also we are going to show you how it works. They will also ensure that you understand various other techniques to protect your personal computers from different types of pitfalls that you could confront.

Computer Data Backup

Personal computers play an essential role in our personal life. Computing devices tend to be vulnerable and frequently prone to a number of critical and pricy issues: crashes of the hard disk drives, computer virus or other malware attacks, computer system or software application failures, data file corruption, physical damages due to natural disasters, stolen or lost computers, and so forth. All important stored information should always be safeguarded with regular backups.